"Honing my skills a BIT at a time ..."  

Credit where credit is due
Many thanks to the web hosts I've used over the years. While I moved in 2015 from my host of 15 years after a massive hacker attack, I don't really blame them. Their security was top notch up until about the time they were bought by another company and then shortly afterward yet another company. Security seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle and I just had to move over to my new host to protect several websites. I've decided not to name the old host so the old owners (great people) don't end up with a bad repuation. I also didn't stay long enough with the new owners to see how it will all shake out, so I won't name them either. For now, I'll say that I've had the opportunity to work with GoDaddy for the last few years and that's where I decided to move my websites to:

Thanks also to my buddy Fred over at (NAME HIDDEN). He provided server space early on for the movies on BitNotes (before YouTube became the juggernaut that it is), so I could conserve space here for additional applications and tutorials. Fred's website has since disappeared, so I've decided not to name it in case it causes any issues. Thanks Fred.

The graphics used in part of our counter application were created by someone who only goes by the name "Russ". Unfortunately I couldn't contact his site directly, so I ended up downloading the images from They are the "Scoreboard" digits listed in the "Bubble" section . I've listed the website for "Russ" as I found it on on the off chance that it comes back to life. Thanks Russ.

UPDATE: It looks like digitmania is now owned by a completely different company. You can check them out if you like, but you probably won't find what I was using. It also looks like russ's download has gone away too, so I've deleted that link.

NOTE: My counter application is now seriously out of date and has been removed. There are better resources available.
Personally, I don't use visible counters anymore. If you want to know how many people are visiting a particular page on your own website, most good hosts offer some sort of log analysis tool that will report to you all sorts of data about your visitors. If they don't, you can check out other tools like Google Analytics. For that, you add a simple bit of code to your webpage and Google collects the data like the logs I mentioned above.

Yes. I'm reworking my website once again. Stay tuned ...