"Honing my skills a BIT at a time ..."  

Current / Ongoing Projects

BitNotes Designs is the artistic side of BitNotes. I enjoy generating interesting fractals and tweaking them a bit in 3D or other ways. I have taken this a bit further with a new shop on Cafe Press. Some designs seem to work well on t-shirts, some on mugs and others as medium size posters. Some even work on a large number of products, so please check out my shop. The video to the left is a sampling of the artwork with some current and some future designs. There are also a few designs in the shop that work on products but wouldn't be so interesting in video form.

Do you do auto body work for insurance claims. Platinum Auto Trends specializes in Korean and Japanese parts, but they also carry some other import models. They are worth checking out.

My work for this company is mostly on the back end (The programs for setting up accounts, searching for parts and maintaining the catalog).

You'll need an account to search their catalog, but it's easy to set one up. Just head to their contact page or click the "Register" button to get started.

Among the features, they have a shopping cart where teachers and non-profit organizations can purchase from a list of well over 40,000 books.

If you are looking for a great discount for children's books, check them out. Really friendly people dedicated to giving education/non-profit professionals a break for the kids they serve.

A wonderful couple that are both ministers and musicians. You can listen to samples of their albums and buy them through the website. We are also working on converting a series of teachings on video through YouTube to spread the word of God.

Unfortunately, in this economy and ironically with me working on websites, this company had a real struggle when the world started ordering everything online. I'm sad to say that bricks and mortar children's book store is no more, but knowing the owners, they will eventually re-invent themselves.

The website is still up and they are the ones maintaining it, but I was the one that did the original designs and setup so many of the features.

I truly believe that one day, they will be back. These are fantastic people, and they deserve to succeed.
Yes. I'm reworking my website once again. Stay tuned ...