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   Y2K and the Time Machine Ed Michel   
Wednesday May 12th, 2004 11:00:39 PM
So I was sitting here working on my website and trying to get the timestamp for a new article to print right when something occured to me.

What if someone invented a time machine, but used a new chip in the circuitry which assumed that only two digits would be required to represent a date.

Isn't this the same problem that caused the whole Y2K scare?

So what if a person traveled back in time to the 20th Century? The razzle-dazzle circuitry might then think that 1998 was 2098.

How would our intrepid adventurer return to from whence he came?

I'll let you ponder this while I continue building the articles feature. When I'm done with that and have a little more time, I'll come back to this and tell you how I see it and what other problems might occur.

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