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   Fun with XP now ... Ed Michel   
Wednesday August 05th, 2009 11:21:59 PM
Today my computer (the new rebuild of the old machine) hung hard on me three times. The only way out was what we used to call the 'Big Red Switch'.

So I spent my evening uninstalling/reinstalling/uninstalling things to figure out what was causing it.

Right now it seems a bit more stable and for this I've done three things.

1. I killed the printer driver and software I tried to install earlier so I could print something.
2. I killed all but the driver for my video card.
3. I pulled the extra drive that was attached to the ultra-ATA card which makes it blazing fast for the DVR functions.

Not sure which was the cause of problems, but I have to prioritize (probably 1 then 3 then 2) what order to try to restore these functions.

Frankly I'm getting sick of problems with Windows. XP was always stable for my DVR and before the Vista disaster it was fine for business, but why does it have to pick now to keep crashing.

If it gets any worse, I may just have to blow away all my work and start over with the factory image.