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   Getting back to the faster machine Ed Michel   
Saturday August 22nd, 2009 09:20:42 PM
I've now spent most of my spare time for the last couple of weeks getting files organized from several updates over the years.

I finally got myself to a point, despite still having so many gigs of files to process through, that I thought it was time to start really seeking out a better solution to taking the DVR functionality off of this slower machine and put it on the faster machine.

Then it dawned on me ... that copy of Vista was Vista Home Ultimate (or whatever MS called it ... why not Win 6.crap?). That version has Windows Media Center built in.

Now that I have pretty much everything offloaded from the Vista drive and have it imaged (backed up), I decided to mount it in the original machine and see what happens.

Windows started coming up ... then went into recovery mode ... then told me it was too far gone.

So I decided to give the factory restore a shot. Dell builds a recovery partition onto most hard drives, so I ran that. A few minutes later it claimed success.

Not so much.

On reboot, it rebooted, then rebooted, then rebooted, etc.

So it was back to the built in diagnostics (another good Dell feature). Everything seems to be coming up clean, but I tried again and ...

Boot, reboot, repeat

I'm now running the full blown, everything included, diagnostics. Plus I discovered that Dell now makes restore discs (CD, DVD ... better than HD) available on request. So I requested them.

Stay tuned ...