"Honing my skills a BIT at a time"

BitNotes Papercraft

BitNotes Papercraft is another creative arm of BitNotes. What you'll find below are original designs. Some are very similar to others you may find on the web, but I have carefully recreated them here on my own. (More )

Simplest Design (Only a few cuts and folds, no tabs or glue)


A little harder (Some glue and tabs involved)


Medium (Glue and tabs with a bit more coordination involved)

Dodecaahedron (Coming Soon)
Icosaahedron (Coming Soon)
Whirly Octahedron


Hollow Ball
Lace Soccer Ball (Version 1)
Lace Soccer Ball (Version 2) [Coming Soon]

* The "Geometry" series were designed for anyone that wants to use these constructions to demonstrate 3D shapes and their correpsonding volumes. These items have lines drawn on them to show dimensions and make it easier to understand how to calculate volume.

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