"Honing my skills a BIT at a time ..."  

There are three branches to BitNotes Designs

BitNotes Website Designs
This is really my bread and butter. I create websites. From design to programming, I can create a website for you. For a catalog of examples, .

BitNotes Artistic/Crafting Designs

This is where I get to stretch my creative wings. I enjoy coming up with new ideas for designs and executing them.

Fractals - What are Fractals? They are a representation of the results of certain mathematical functions. (More )

Papercraft - This is an artform where you build 3D models out of paper. Those models can be simple, like a cube, or complex like a soccer ball. Some even get very complex, like a building or space ship. (More )

Software - I have a college degree in Conputer Science. This is, in part, what got me into website programming, but I've also worked in DOS (going way back) and Windows as well as some unique web-based programs.

To see some of my programs, .

Hardware - I have a college degree in Electrical Engineering (Computer Design Emphasis) and have, in the past, designed new items or modified others.

To see some of my designs, .

Garden of Light
I've recently started a new series on my YouTube channel called "Garden of Light". This is the part of my website where you can find documents related to the projects in that series.

Project 1 - 01/03/2018
Twin Head Solar Light

Dead Pixel Healer

Yes. I'm reworking my website once again. Stay tuned ...