"Honing my skills a BIT at a time ..."  

More about BitNotes the website ...
What is Bitnotes?
BitNotes is a website containing nearly all original digital designs by myself, Ed Michel. I say "nearly all" because I don't believe in "re-engineering the wheel" except for three possible conditions.

  1. I can do a better job, or
  2. The time invested is cheaper than someone elses product, or
  3. I'm not aware that I'm repeating the effort.

In those cases where the material is not my own, I have provided links to the authors' websites (where possible).

Who is BitNotes   (More ) is Ed Michel. One person. This is really my principle creative outlet on the web.

My Mission
Short Term Goal:
To provide a representative sample of my technical abilities with the aim of aquiring a position as a Web Developer.

Long Term Goal:
To provide tools and tutorials to engineers and webmasters and a space for my own creativity. In other words, to share my knowledge with the general public. This stems in part from my 15 years of experience as a tutor. There's nothing like "Watching the 'ol light come on".

Contact Info.
Over the years I've had varying means to let you contact me. Unfortunately spambots are a reality and their only job is to collect email addresses from websites. Most experienced webmasters have realized this and employed countermeasures. I have done the same on my contact page. You can either or find that page under the "Contact & Feedback" menu.

Some of my larger ongoing projects
You can to check out some of the websites I've worked on.

Yes. I'm reworking my website once again. Stay tuned ...